About Us

As a general international enterprise, New Hope Group’s business involves agriculture, animal husbandry, meat, chemical, mining, real estate, financial investment, etc. Our head-office is located in Beijing and we have a branch in Singapore too. Today New Hope Group not only has two listed companies in China but 450 branches in more than 20 countries with more than 80,000 employees. The total output is estimated at 15 billion USA dollars annually. South Africa’s stable political arena, advanced infrastructure and lucrative investment opportunities attracted us to focus our efforts to South Africa’s economic and employment growth. As a new player in the South Africa’s agricultural industry, we will launch our South African enterprise as an animal feed business. We plan to build 4 to 5 modernized animal feed mills as well as other supported meat processing projects. Over and above, we are also going to develop and combine other related projects, such as animal slaughter and meat processing. Further to the above we will also get involved with real estate development and mining projects.

Our Vision

New Hope Group to be a leading world-class agricultural enterprise in South Africa. We will strive as a local company not only to keep our customers satisfied but also our valuable employees.

Our Mission

To effect successful farmers, yielding good profits and in the process contribute to the benefits of the community at large.

Our Enterprise’s Values

“IHPM” – Innovation, Harmonisation, Pragmatism, Modesty and Integrity

Our Corporate Culture

Professional corporate governance, discipline, staying on top of industry related technology and manage our enterprise in an authentic family tradition.


Founder, Mr Yonghao Liu

Chairman of the board of New Hope Group (NHG)
Vice-president of China Mingsheng Banking Corp. Ltd

Mr. Liu started Quail farming with only 500 USD, after he had decided to leave his government job in 1982. Since Mr. Liu begun the animal feed manufacturing and related developments, New Hope has grown dramatically in the last 20 years.

The New Hope Group amongst others is involved in various types of businesses and industries as an international player. New Hope is focussing on the agricultural, food, finance, investment, real estate and infrastructure, as well as in the chemical industries. Their annual turnover reflects 15 billion dollars year on year.

Mr. Liu inspires to provide and develop improved products to benefit all New Hope’s loyal consumers and clients, to their satisfaction.

His vision – to manage the idea of “success together with clients” – developing employees in” family tradition” – “create more value in cohesion with shareholders” – “improving quality of life for and with, the society at large.

Over 80,000 employees are very proud to work with this great leader.