Product Features

New Hope’s advanced technology, formulas, top quality raw materials and high quality processing plant with state of the art equipment, ensures the best results in our feed’s performance, and will impact positively on your breeding enterprise’s economics

By utilising the most advanced biotechnologies, will not only increase the rate of feed digestibility, but will also promote healthier growth and an increased survival rate.

A balanced diet with our biotechnology blend will result in healthier intestines, reduced nutritional waste and emissions of ammoniacal nitrogen. The benefit, a decrease in unfriendly odors and a more pleasant environment.

Add probiotics, antibacterial agent plus anti-coccidian agents to improve resistance against diseases, especially to reduce the rate of broiler chicken ascites and sudden deaths, caused by coccidiosis. It will promote an increased survival rate of broilers.

The chicken group will have uniformity and yield high-quality meat.

With good breeding conditions, broilers will enjoy a healthier weight gain and an increased feed conversion ratio.

Usage Recommendations

Broiler Usage

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Feeding Guidelines

At the first stage of the broiler, give only broken feed, after which, use pellet feed (reasonable size):

To achieve the best results, feeding must be given according to known breeding standards, always keep clean air and clean drinking water in-house.

Before exposed to feed, the chicks can be given a drinking solution of one over ten thousand of potassium permanganate to promote intestinal health.

During the 1st 10 days, the chicken feed should be placed above the feed tray or paper, in order to help the chicks to easily peck the feed; it will also contribute to a drier, warmer and beneficial environment for the chicks.

The chicken house bedding generally should be managed at 2.5 to 5 cm thickness, depending on the litter material.

The feed slot should be placed at the right level, whilst the water tank should be kept at the same height towards the back.

In order to evaluate the performance, after completion of each stage, calculate cost/body gain and in the meantime, keep a good record on the number and weight of daily chicken mortalities, vaccines & medicine given etc., it will be beneficial to your management program.
Reference: Relative humidity and temperature in the chicken house

Broiler Humid Temp