What is MAVC?

MAVC    Micro Agribusiness Value Chain;

It focuses on establish connection between farmers and other resources. It will give more profit to every element which is involved into the emerging farming value chain.

Farmers, abattoirs, marketing no matter of whom is going to participate in business; MAVC is going to give a secure business chance.

Broiler producing and marketing from hatchery to market, we will use this project to benefit each party for e.g. Famers will get a stabilized supply of chicks and marketing will receive constancy supply of live – or – slaughtered chicken market.

It will create more job opportunities, more business opportunities, more profit to emerge farmers. Through MAVC project emerging farmers can grow and MAVC will aim to help at least 50 different emerging famers grow too commercial. In 2018 MAVC aims to grow 500,000 broilers and by 2019 MAVC is willing to receive 1 million broilers from emerging famers then give to commercial famers grown from emerging business.

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Micro Value Chain Project - Emerging Coop

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