Product Features

We only use high quality raw materials and advanced bio-technology formulas, to ensure the best effect of our feed’s performance, resulting in increased breeding and economic benefits for your enterprise.

By utilising the most advanced biotechnologies, it results in increased feed intake, feed digestibility and the improved growth of pigs, as well as reducing the rate of piglet diarrhea and weaning weight loss, whilst achieving an excellent feed conversion ratio.

A balanced diet with biotechnology feed will result in healthier intestines, a reduction in nutritional waste and emissions of ammonia nitrogen, which will decrease the unfriendly odors and lead to a more pleasant environment.

Pig Mash vs Pellet

Product and product composition

Pig Composition

Product description

Pig Description


Supplying sufficient clean water with easy access, artificial feeding 3 – 4 times a day (feeding 4-6 times daily before 90 day, age)

Piggery should be well ventilated, manage temperature from 20 to 25°C.

Changing feed at different stages of the transition should be in 4-5 days, to avoid feed change stress.